Breastfeeding Basics - Online (Class 3)





This course is the third class in a recommended series designed to prepare you for birth and caring for a newborn. This class is taught by a childbirth educator and filled with essential information to help prepare you for breastfeeding.


Topics include:

  • Breast anatomy and physiology.
  • Breastfeeding basics, positions, latching, etc.
  • Recognizing hunger cues and feeding patterns.
  • Solving common breastfeeding problems, and when to call for help.
  • Storage, pumps and support items.
  • Dad's/partner's role; fathers/partners are encouraged to attend.
  • What to expect from the breastfeeding baby.
  • Benefits of breastfeeding.

We recommend you register for the following classes in this order:

  • Class 1: Understanding Birth
  • Class 2: Understanding Your Newborn



Sara Glatz, Perinatal Educator

We also offer the following online/virtual classes:


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Understanding Your Newborn

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