Transparent Assignment Design with Bill Reynolds, billY Gunnels, Eric Otto & Jason Elek

3/15/2022 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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This event will take place in-person, at the Lucas Center for Faculty Development (LIB-221).



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Transparent Assignment Design

Facilitated by:
Bill Reynolds, billY Gunnels, Eric Otto & Jason Elek

We invite you to join us in the Lucas Center (Lib 221) for an interactive session on transparent assignment design. Research strongly suggests that students are best equipped to respond effectively to assignments when directions are transparent about 1) the purpose of the assignment, 2) the task(s) students must complete, and 3) the criteria upon which the assignment will be assessed. This session will introduce an approach to transparent assignment design, and we will share a rubric that will aid you in assessing current assignments and constructing future ones.

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