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~Building Effective Leaders - PD Pop Leadership Series - Presented by Kevin Dill

Leadership is a complex formative and developmental process - replete with periods of success and inevitable stumbles. Current and emerging leaders want ideas and actions that will help them bridge the gap of stepping into positions of challenge and responsibility to becoming confident and respected difference-makers. Within leadership - certain challenges, needed skills, and even pitfalls are predictable, allowing us to study how effective leaders approach situations to create influence and impact. The ideas and actions explored within this seven-part series are drawn from exciting research of leadership development, empirical investigation, and most powerfully - the insights from the study of exemplary leaders. The points of view that are presented have evolved from working with and coaching hundreds of leaders - capturing the reality of critical leadership skills needed to navigate through situations and insights gained from experiences of success and failures.


PD Pop Module 1 – Challenge (September 9)

In this opening module, we’ll explore what leadership is today including the difference between leadership and management, the practices and commitments of exemplary leaders, and leadership characteristics that constituents admire the most.


PD Pop Module 2 – Connection  (September 30)

Understanding human behavior is the connection to effective leadership. In this module, we’ll explore the science behind why humans behave the way they do and how leaders can draw insight and leverage the science of human behavior.


PD Pop Module 3 – Communication  (October 14)

Communication is the primary tool a leader uses to influence followers. In this module, we’ll explore why everything a leader does is communication and how to communicate more effectively.


PD Pop Module 4 – Culture  (October 28)

Within the economy of leadership, culture is king. In this module, we’ll explore how effective leaders create a culture engine that drives results and how to stay on top of the culture line.


PD Pop Module 5 – Commitment  (November 18)

Commitment from followers is more powerful than just compliance. In this module, we’ll explore ways that effective leaders can improve employee engagement and commitment by leveraging the science of how human beings are motivated.


PD Pop Module 6 – Conflict  (December 2)

In this module, we’ll explore why there is power and value in conflict, why setbacks can be setups, and how to lead respectfully through conflict encounters with difficult people.


PD Pop Module 7 – Confidence  (December 16)

In this module, we’ll explore why the context of confidence in leadership matters, how to build self-confidence in your team, and why the social-emotional skill of Leadership Presence is the cornerstone of leadership.



Kevin Dill - During his tenure in education, he has served as a special education teacher, public school Principal, and Director of Special Education.  An internationally renowned educator and popular speaker, he offers practical instructional strategies to help all students learn.  Kevin is known across the country for his innovative and researched based strategies designed to eliminate chronic disruptive behavior and improve student performance in the classroom.  He is a specialist in the area of student behavior with over 20 years of teaching experience.  Kevin has authored several education resources including the Most Powerful Solutions to Eliminating Chronic Disruptive Behavior in Your Classroom.

Kevin has trained thousands of teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents. He serves as the primary Educational Consultant for multiple school districts and corporations. With tons of humorous real-life stories and current research, he will share the most powerful and practical strategies that master level teachers use to reach and teach chronically disruptive students. 


Date: Sep 9, Sep 30, Oct 14, Oct 28, Nov 18, Dec 2, Dec 16, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM Eastern Time each day

Location: Virtual

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