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Hybrid Darwin Day Lecture: Quercus Circus: The Biodiversity and Ecological Value of Oaks

with Paul Manos, Professor, Duke University, Department of Biology

moderated by Johnny Randall, NCBG Director of Conservation


Saturday, February 12, 2022

7:00 PM-8:00 PM

Venue: Reeves Auditorium and Virtual

Free; preregistration required



Celebrate Darwin's birthday by joining us for our annual Darwin Day Lecture! 


This program will be delivered in a hybrid format.


In-person option: A limited number of seats will be available in the Reeves Auditorium, with masks required indoors. Please register all members of your party separately to ensure we have enough seats. 



Virtual option: We will stream the lecture live via Zoom Webinar. Links for accessing the program will be emailed to registered participants in advance of the program.



Oaks are one of the defining tree species in our world, with a long and fascinating history. Charles Darwin considered the nature of oak species to be “a thorny problem”, but new genetic research suggests that we have come to a nuanced understanding of the oak species concept. This seminar will demystify the genus Quercus by walking through the branches of the oak tree of life. You will discover more about the natural history of oaks and the role they serve at the ecosystem level, including how current research aims to shed light on the ecological role of hybridization.


This program will be offered via Zoom Webinar. Links for accessing the program will be emailed to participants in the days leading up to the lecture.



Registration open until 2/12/2022 6:50 PM.

About the Speaker

Paul Manos is a Professor of Biology at Duke University, Durham, NC. He was trained in plant biology at Drew University, Rutgers, and Cornell.  He has worked on the systematics of Northern Hemisphere woody plants with an emphasis on oaks, hickories, and walnuts. He has studied the oaks throughout their range, published extensively for specialists and broader audiences, and lead workshops on the genus. Other interests include the biogeography of the eastern Northern American flora and the evolutionary origins of true blueberry species.

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Dr. Paul Manos


Hybrid (Virtual and Reeves Auditorium)

A limited number of seats are available in the Reeves Auditorium. A virtual option is available if you would prefer to view from another location.