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Therapeutic Horticulture: Program Development

a partnership of NCBG with the NC State Extension Gardener Program


with Emilee Weaver, NCBG Therapeutic Horticulture Program Manager 


Class Dates: October 17 - December 11, 2022 (6-week course)



Therapeutic Horticulture: Program Development is the second in a series of online courses that teach the theory, practice, and profession of Therapeutic Horticulture. 


This course will equip students with the ability to design therapeutic horticulture treatment interventions for a wide variety of sites and participant populations. Students will learn how to perform foundational participant and site assessments that inform the subsequent stages of a therapeutic horticulture program's development and management. We will explore the concept of “form follows function” and discover how to use client-centered assessment data to let the program 'write itself.' Students will practice developing overarching program and client treatment goals that target specific outcomes.  Using dynamic interactive forums with real-world examples, students will research, discuss, and reflect on the multiple facets of TH program development, and will be provided with references and resources for further study.


Students can watch lectures and fulfill assignments when their schedule permits during the six-week period the class is in session, with a new module opening up every Monday morning.  Despite the asynchronous nature of this course, it is highly recommended that students keep up with lectures and assignments before the next module is introduced since it is possible to fall behind quickly. 


This course was developed in partnership with NC State Cooperative Extension. Registration is offered through NC State using the link below.


Course Prerequisites


Foundational knowledge of therapeutic horticulture is a prerequisite for taking this course. Registrants should have received a certificate of participation or mastery in TH1: Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture or received permission from the instructors to enroll in this course.



  • Early Bird Fee (through October 3, 2022): $399
  • Regular Fee: $409
  • Volunteer, Member & Extension Professional Discount: $379
    • For members of the NCBG or JCRA, contact for code.
    • For extension Master Gardener volunteers (regardless of location), JCRA or NCBG volunteers, or extension professionals.  Your Extension Agent can provide you with the discount code. To obtain the discount code, have them send an email to from their work email account to request the discount code.

Payment Plan Option:

  • Available upon registration for this course, with $200 due at the time of enrollment and the remaining balance due 14 days before the course begins.


Find more information and register using this link:

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Early bird rate ends October 3, 2022

Lead Instructor, Emilee Weaver

Emilee Weaver has been a professional horticulturist for 24 years in five different states/climates in the U.S. Fourteen of those years have been spent as a horticultural therapist and consultant. Stemming from a formalized education in social work, years of in-field horticulture experience, and a horticultural therapy certificate from the Horticultural Therapy Institute of Denver, she has developed and managed numerous HT programs involving a variety of populations and settings. Most notably, she developed a therapeutic/vocational horticultural therapy program at a high-security treatment facility for adolescent girls, a military veteran reintegration program at Denver Botanic Gardens, and managed an HT program at a 400 bed, state-managed psychiatric hospital in North Carolina. She currently serves as the Therapeutic Horticulture Program Manager at the North Carolina Botanical Garden, providing direct services to community organizations and managing the on-site and online TH educational programs offered by the Garden.  Emilee has spoken at national conferences and symposiums in efforts to spread the importance of sound program development practices that support the longevity and efficacy of TH/HT programs. She co-authored the HT textbook, “The Profession and Practice of Horticultural Therapy” which was published in 2019. She is enthusiastic about supporting a thriving local and national TH/HT community in the U.S and beyond.



This program is offered online.

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