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Virtual Lunchbox Talk: Naval Stores and the Longleaf Pine Industry in Southeastern NC

with Joel Rose, Executive Director, Sampson County History Museum

Date: Thursday, February 10, 2022

Time: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EST

Location: Zoom webinar

Fee: Free, $5 suggested fee


In a time before cars, trains, and airplanes, water was often the easiest or the only means of long-distance transportation. Eighteenth-century ships were sailing ships, and they were made almost entirely of wood.

Naval stores are goods used in building and maintaining ships. Originally, 'naval stores,' meaning tar, pitch, and turpentine, included everything used to build a ship. All of these products came from pine trees, and particularly, the Longleaf pine, which North Carolina had in abundance. For that reason and others, North Carolina became a key supplier to the British Navy, and naval stores became central to the colony's economy.


This talk is paired with an upcoming excursion to the Pondberry Bay Preserve (registration coming soon).



The North Carolina Botanical Garden has partnered with the Friends of Plant Conservation to offer several excursions and Lunchbox Talks that highlight some of our state's rarest plants and natural areas. 




Registration open through 2/10/2022 11:50 AM

About the Speaker

Joel Rose is the Executive Director of the Sampson County History Museum Complex in Clinton, as well as an active member of the Friends of the Sampson County Waterways, a non-profit group that promotes clean waterways and recreational paddling in our local creeks and rivers.

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Joel Rose


This Virtual Lunchbox Talk will be offered via Zoom Webinar. Information for accessing the event will be distributed the week of the talk.