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EDMA 268: Supportive Engagement: Building Social Emotional Resilience SP'23

Online Course Start Date: Monday, January 16, 2023

Online Course End Date: Sunday, March 12, 2023


Graduate Cost for 3 graduate credit hours:  $660.00 (not including the cost of the textbook)

Iowa License Renewal Credit for 3 Iowa License Renewal credit: $330.00 (not including the cost of the textbook)


You are not able to change credit hours once the course has started.


Registration Deadline: 1/13/2023 10:59 PM

Course Description

Supportive engagement in schools can help students who have faced trauma meet their individual needs, form positive attachments with school personnel, and ultimately flourish as learners. This course will look at the fundamental needs of people of all ages, how trauma impacts an individual's ability to feel that their needs are being met, and how trauma-triggered behavior can disrupt relationships. Participants will then learn how student-teacher meta communication strategies are central to trauma-informed social emotional and how using these strategies they can restore resiliency in all learners and staff.
Synchronous (virtual) meetings will be held from 9:00 am-12:00 pm CST on January 21, January 28, February 11, and February 25, 2023.
*Attendance Policy: Since this course is structured to include mandatory synchronous meetings, regular and punctual attendance is of prime importance. Students are expected to attend all virtual class meetings.


Cancellation Policy

If it is necessary to withdraw from this course before the start date, a $50 non-refundable processing fee will be assessed. No refunds will be given after the start date.

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