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Wall to Wall SEL: Community & Academic Integration

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


We believe that Social Emotional Learning is the 'glue of life' and - rather than being another thing on your plate - SEL is something you are always doing! This workshop explores ways to make that more explicit and integrated into all we do in school communities.


CPDU: Hours - 5



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Registration open through 8/8/2023 8:45 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)


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Daniel Gallo and Angela Healow Lane ESD Social Emotional Learning Specialists


All School Community Members


We will explore the many areas of knowledge, awareness, and skills that shape SEL and look at their application in our personal and professional growth and learning. We will offer examples of SEL integrated into academics and guidance for doing it in your school context.


SEL is often seen as a separate topic from other academic disciplines. It is often siloed into advisory sessions or small amounts of time in schools. While these practices can be of value, integrating 'wall-to-wall' SEL is a practice which most benefits a school community. In this session will will look at exemplars of SEL integration into the systems, structures, practices, and teaching models in schools. This will be an excellent way to prepare for the implementation and integration of Oregon's SEL standards in 2024.


Lane ESD Main Campus

1200 Hwy 99 North
Eugene, OR 97402


Point of Contact

If you have questions about this event, email Angela Healow, Social Emotional Learning Specialist, at

If you have questions about this event, email Daniel Gallo, Social Emotional Learning Specialist, at

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