acQuire Lunch and Learn - Payment Form vs Purchase Requisition

Date: Wednesday, December 9th, 2020                                        

Time: 12:00pm noon - 1:00pm


Registration open through 2020/12/9 11:30 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

The Procurement Systems team will be discussing the differences between and the scenarios when to use a payment form requisition versus a purchase requisition in acQuire.

Session Host

This session will be hosted by the Procurement Systems Team.


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Session will be held virtually - Join Microsoft Teams Virtual Session Here


About Us

Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) oversees the acquisition of products and services on behalf of the university.

Leveraging the spending power of the entire university's proud tradition of innovation, an institution which encourages lateral thinking, independent solution finding and independence of thought in line with the Queen's Strategic goals & objectives.

Strategic Procurement Services role is to support the university's acquisition of products and services, using the following criteria:

Efficiency - Optimizing procurement to deliver the greatest possible value for every dollar spent

Effectiveness - Delivering the right product/service at the right time & at the best price

Quality - Providing safe, consistent & reliable products from the highest quality suppliers that meet departmental & university specifications

Risk Management - Assessing, mitigating and managing the risks involved with delivering products and services

Accountability - Integrating end to end supply chain activities and taking responsibility to achieve sustained savings.

The acQuire Lunch and Learns are hosted by SPS' Procurement Systems Team, which falls within the Procurement Operations unit of SPS.