Immersive Learning and Ethics for VR in the Classroom

Date: 10/3/2022

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Join Jamison Patrick and Darcy Hannen as they lead a sharing community of up to 10 participants in 5 meetings and interact with virtual reality (VR) equipment and VR environments. Training on equipment is included in the experience. The sharing community will investigate ethical considerations, human safety measures, and potential impacts of incorporating VR environment experiences into our college classes, using the work of Nonny de la Peña as examples. Through environment testing, discussions, and a guest speaker, we will collectively determine how to best manage and deliver VR experience to our students. Further, we will use the method of immersive learning as a starting point as our framework, lens, and guide in this exploration.

The ID Program has been working with VR since 2017, researching, testing, and implementing, VR assets into online undergraduate and graduate courses to enhance the learning experience. In 2019, our work was put on hold due to a lack of workspace, and then, further delayed due to COVID. In 2022, the program gained a new lab space, and is currently, actively trying to make up for lost time in pursuing the power of VR in formal and digital learning environments. We ultimately believe VR, along with other mixed realities, has a place in the future of high education and post-secondary life.

The sharing community will have a total of 5 meetings. 4 of the meetings will be “discussion” meetings (October, November, February, March), which will be 1 hour in length. The fifth meeting will be a “guest speaker” meeting (January), which will be 1 ½ - 2 hours in length. Further, sharing community participants will act on their own to meet with ID Program staff to view and interact with certain VR environments in advance of all discussion meetings.


Please register by 5:00 PM on Friday September 30th.  

Meeting times and locations will be emailed to registered participants