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SIM: Unit Organizer Routine - Cancelled

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
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Registration open through 10/10/2022 9:30 AM

Seats Available: 30


Target Audience:  Teachers grades 6 through 12 from all content areas


Course Objective: 


Course Description: Content Enhancement is an instructional method that uses powerful teaching devices to organize and present course information so that all students can understand and remember essential content.  


Through use of the Unit Organizer Routine, teachers can “frame” a unit to enable students to understand the big picture of the unit. Use of the routine helps students understand how the unit fits within a course or sequence of units, see a method for organizing knowledge, define relationships among pieces of information, understand what they are expected to do, monitor their progress, and recognize what they have learned.


Research results showed that when teachers used the Unit Organizer Routine, understanding and retention of the information by low-achieving students, students with learning disabilities, and average-achieving students improved substantially over baseline as reflected in unit test scores and in scores on unit content maps and explanations of these maps.


Students of teachers who regularly and consistently used the Unit Organizer Routine scored an average of 15 percentage points higher on unit tests than students of teachers who used it only irregularly.


Implementation Activity: Student pre- and post- data are required prior to receiving 12 inservice credits.


Follow-up Method: Email communication and coaching throughout the implementation period.


If you have any questions related to this course please contact: Jane Hines jane.hines@fdlrsaction.org


Jane Hines

Jane graduated from Seton Hill College (now University) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science /Public Administration. She earned her Masters Degree from the University of South Florida. She is also a nationally certified SIM Professional Developer for Content Enhancement. Jane worked as a middle school teacher and administrator in both the private and public sectors for over 25 years. While in the classroom, Jane was a mentor for new teachers and those seeking alternative certification. She was delighted to be selected as Teacher of the Year at her middle school in 2015. She has experience as a social studies, language arts, and reading teacher and as a co-teacher in History-Arts. As a social studies content expert, Jane has worked on several district and state writing teams to create instructional materials and summative assessments.

Jane's role at FDLRS is to provide professional learning, support, and coaching in The Strategic Instruction Model Content Enhancement, Universal Design for Learning, as well as math and reading instruction.



Melissa Mulock

Melissa Mulock began her teaching career in 1999 as a Learning Resource Specialist. Melissa leads professional learning opportunities and coaches educators throughout the state of Florida in the areas of Reading, the Strategic Instruction Model and Kagan Cooperative Learning. Prior to leaving the classroom, she spent 12 years teaching reading and learning strategies to middle and high school students.

Melissa earned her degree in Exceptional Student Education from the University of Central Florida. She has a passion for inclusion of students with unique needs, and credits quality content instruction using SIM Learning Strategies and Content Enhancement Routines paired with Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures as essential tools for making inclusion a success socially and academically for the benefit of all students. Melissa has experience in creating inclusion models and inclusive scheduling.

Melissa has earned the elite status of a certified Strategic Instruction Model Professional Developer for the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning since 2003 and as a National Board Certified Teacher in 2004. Melissa is a certified Kagan Cooperative Learning Associate Trainer and has a reading endorsement for the state of Florida. She has a strong desire for learning, mentoring, and leading others to build positive relationships and provide quality instruction.



Inservice Points: Points - 12


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