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Coaching for All Seasons - Feb 3, 2022
 Coaching for All Seasons
Monthly Online Gathering for
Pacifica Synod Rostered & Lay Leaders
Thursday, February 3, 2022
at 11 am to noon (PST)/9-10 am (HST)

 Exactly what does a Bishop do?


What an interesting question in this year when Pacifica Synod will elect a Bishop who's never served in that role. At our next gathering, Bishop Erik Gronberg, of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod, will share his thoughts on the responsibilities of a bishop. Topics will include:

• what qualifications help a bishop succeed;

• how a bishop selects his/her staff; 

• how a bishop sets priorities; 

• what Bishop Erik wishes he had known before he became bishop that he had to learn by experience; and

• anything else Bishop Erik thinks would be helpful to rostered and lay leaders who will be voting to elect our new bishop.

Bishop Erik was elected in April of 2016. Before that, he served as pastor of congregations in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and Fort Worth, Texas. 

A native Texan, he enrolled at Harvard University, where he was a letterman on the football team (1997 Ivy League champions) and an active participant in Lutheran Campus Ministry. After earning his Bachelor degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy, he worked as a consultant in the municipal bond market assisting governments, hospitals, and universities to structure and re-structure multimillion-dollar debt financings.

Bishop Erik graduated from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2005 with a Master of Divinity and was ordained in the ELCA. He earned a PhD in Leadership Studies at Dallas Baptist University in 2017. His area of academic interest is adaptive leadership in crisis.


Brought to you by your Pacifica Synod Coaching Team to support Synod leaders during challenging times. Each monthly offering brings a presentation on a current topic and an opportunity to discuss it in a small group facilitated by an ELCA coach.
Pacifica Synod has invested in training coaches to work with rostered and lay leaders one-on-one or in groups. A coach's role is to support leaders in naming challenging issues and identifying constructive responses to them. 
For more information:
Click here to view our Synod Coaching web page for resources as well as previous presentations. 
If you would like more information about coaching, please contact Deenna Eley, Pacifica Synod Coaching Coordinator at


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These gatherings will be held online through Zoom. You may join by video using a computer, tablet or phone or call in from your phone using audio only.

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