Global Serve Trip Scholarship Application



Global Serve Trip Scholarship Application


Thank you for your interest in joining us on a Global serve trip. This application allows participants to be considered for a scholarship which will provide partial funding for trips outside the Kansas City area.


By completing this application, you may be considered for three different scholarship opportunities:

1. Hammel Youth & Young Adult Serve Trip Scholarship

2. Seward Serve Trip Scholarship

3. Resurrection Financial Need Scholarship


A scholarship is a gift from someone who has made a donation to support the travel and work of serve trip participants because they see incredible value to both the individuals and our partners. In an effort to be good stewards of these funds, we require information from you. Some questions may feel personal and confidential in nature, but please be assured that all the information you provide is critical to the process and will be held in confidence. To ensure anonymity, each application will be given a code which will replace your name and address.


Application Steps:


1. Complete Serve Trip Application. This must be completed in Managed Missions before a scholarship application will be considered.

2. Complete this Serve Trip Scholarship Application. The first part of this application is used for all three scholarship opportunities. The second half is information used for the Resurrection Financial Need Scholarship only.

3. Contact your References. Two references not related to you are required (one personal reference and one reference from someone in a leadership position such as a pastor, supervisor in a work or volunteer role, professor or teacher, etc). Here is the link to the Reference Form.


Your completed scholarship application and 2 references must be received at least 120 days prior to trip departure date for international serve trips or 60 days prior to trip departure date for US serve trips. If scholarship application and 2 references are not received by this time we will be unable to process your scholarship. 


After a blind review of your application and references by the scholarship committee, a decision will be made and you will be notified. If you are awarded the Hammel or Seward Scholarship, they may wish to connect with you as they are excited to play a small role in your serve trip opportunity!


Important Information about Scholarship Program:

§ Scholarships will be applied against the final cost of the trip. Payment will never be given directly to the participant.

§ Scholarships are dependent upon completion of all required trip preparation (training attendance, paperwork completion, valid passport confirmation, trip balance paid in full, etc.).

§ Scholarships will be awarded as part of the final payment toward the trip. If funds raised exceed the cost of the trip, the scholarship amount may be adjusted.

§ If the trip is cancelled, the scholarship can be used towards a future trip. If you are unable to participate and must cancel, the scholarship funds will return to the Serve Trip Scholarship Fund.

§ Upon your return from your trip, you may be asked to share your experience with Global Missions Staff, and will be encouraged to serve locally.


We know that you will be blessed by participating in this serve trip!



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