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2022 Flourish Donation Pick Up Request


Due to the rising costs of fuel, we ask for a $40 minumum donation for regular pickup service.


Pick-ups are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis according to volunteer driver availability. We only pick up items located on ground level, in a garage or with elevator access. (Our volunteers cannot move items up and down stairs.) We will generally get your items picked up in 2-3 weeks. Consider using the 'priority pickup' option (fee-based) if you have urgent need for pickup.


Please see Click here to open Flourish_DonationGuidelines.pdf for details about what we accept and Click here to open Pick Up Zip Codes for areas where we schedule pick-ups. If you have a whole home pick up, questions about our guidelines, or special circumstance please contact donate@flourishfurnishings.org prior to completing a pick up request.





We are unable to accept items that are torn, stained or in need of repair. Our drivers will examine items before loading. Please be respectful if we are unable to accept. Remember, only donate it if you'd give it to your child or neighbor.

DISASSEMBLY: We cannot disassemble furniture. Please take a picture of your item before you disassemble it and provide the picture and assembly instructions when donating.


Liability Release: By submitting this form I release and agree to hold harmless Flourish Furnishings, as well as any related agency, member, employee, volunteer or agent, from any liability, injury, damages, loss, accidents, delay, or irregularity related to my planned participation or involvement with FF.

LARGE QUANTITIES: Corporate and in-kind donations are crucial to our operation. Please email us at donate@flourishfurnishings.org and a Resource Gathering Team member will contact you promptly.

Do you have the ability to drop off your donation? Please consider delivering them to us or hiring a truck. It may be cheaper than you think!


11971 Grandview Rd, STE A
Grandview MO 64030
We are located on the dock side (south) of the building.


Tuesday through Saturday 9 am - Noon. No appointment needed.

IF YOU HAVE ONLY SMALLER ITEMS WILL FIT IN YOUR CAR PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE A PICK UP REQUEST. WE ASK THAT YOU DELIVER TO FLOURISH INSTEAD (11971 Grandview Road, STE A, Grandview, MO). We are happy to pick up smaller items IF we are doing a large item pick up for you already.




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Flourish Furnishings

11971 Grandview
Grandview, MO 64030

Our entrance is the DOCK side of the building. Please DO NOT go in through the store this is not part of our facility.


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