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UofSC Inclusive Excellence Institute

01/24/2022 - 07/22/2022





The University of South Carolina's Inclusive Excellence Institute is designed to help individuals and teams deepen their knowledge and understanding of leveraging diversity, equity, and inclusion through education and lived experiences. Individuals will enhance their competence with matters of inclusivity and strengthen one's own ability to respect differences. Furthermore, taking responsibility to ensure that ALL experiences are valued and welcomed.


*Participants MUST commit to attending all seven workshops. This is a seven month series starting January 24, 2022 through July 22, 2022, with one educational workshop each month. The workshops will be all day events, lasting from 8:30 am-5 pm excluding an hour for lunch. Dates and room numbers are listed below:


Darla Moore School of Business


• January 24: Room 334

• February 25: Room 330

• March 21: Room 334

• April 29: Room 330

• May 20: Room 330

• June 13: Room 329

• July 22: TBA




Participants are encouraged to bring their own snacks and/or drinks.






Dr. Karen Kassebaum, Director of Diversity Education and Inclusive Excellence

Dr. Valinda Littlefield, Associate Professor of History, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Nancy Tolson, Assistant Director of African American Studies, College of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Courtney Lewis, Associate Professor of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences

Andrea L'Hommedieu, Director of Department of Oral History, University Libraries

Dr. Rachel Onello, Associate Professor, College of Nursing


Dr. Kimberly Seibles, Associate Director of Diversity and Social Justice Education

Dr. Carl Wells, Assistant Director of Management, Director of Training and Development, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Darla Moore School of Business

Elizabeth Crane JD, Senior Associate Director, Office of Career & Professional Development, School of Law

Tayler Simon MS, Senior Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator, University Health Services

Dr. Kathy Langston, Management, Center for Business Communication

Darla Moore School of Business

Dr. Deborah Hazzard, Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion, Darla Moore School of Business

Julie Medlin-Carriker, Senior Internationalization Manager, International Student Services

Dr. April Scott, Associate Director of Mental Health Initiatives, University Health Services

Sonia Badesha, Director of Disability Resource Center

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