Asian Americans' Communication and Activism Responding to COVID-19 Racism

Friday, September 10, 2021
1:10 PM - 2:00 PM


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Asian Americans' Communication and Activism Responding to COVID-19 Racism is a webinar ONLY – please do not come to the CTE office.


The global pandemic of COVID-19 once again exposes Asian Americans to hostile and violent racial discrimination. Assistant Professors Jungmi Jun and Bongki Woo present their research on Asian Americans' communication, coping, and activism in responding to anti-Asian COVID-19 racism.


This workshop is an elective workshop for the Teaching Towards Inclusive Excellence certificate of completion.


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Bongki Woo
Assistant Professor
College of Social Work

Bongki Woo joined the faculty of the College of Social Work as Assistant Professor in 2018. Woo’s research focuses on the health and mental health consequences of inequality in society, with a specific interest in the experiences of racial, ethnic and immigrant minority populations. His primary research seeks to understand the specific conditions under which social sources of stress, such as racial discrimination, helps explain the link between race and health. Woo is currently participating in a transdisciplinary research project on air pollution and health, which focuses on how air pollution exposure interacts with individual, family, and environmental-level stressors to create racial health disparities. He is also collaborating with a team of scholars to investigate how family ethnic-racial socialization and racial discrimination influence ethnic identity development among Asian American adolescents. Woo has published on the topics of racial discrimination, stress and stress reactions, and neighborhood characteristics that influence minority health and well-being. His articles have been published in scholarly journals such as, Social Indicators Research, Social Work Research, Addictive Behaviors, and Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Jungmi Jun
Assistant Professor
School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Jungmi Jun is a communication scientist and her research focuses on the intersection of message/media, socio-psychology, and health perceptions/behaviors. Her recent research has focused on communications surrounding tobacco control of emerging tobacco products, while her research interest in health disparities among racial/ethnic minorities continues. Jun is an author of more than 70 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers in the fields of Health Communication, Tobacco Regulatory Science, Public Health, Health Disparities/Community Health, and Public Relations.