Accessible Learning Experiences: Create Course Content for All

Thursday, November 9, 2023
1:15 PM - 2:30 PM


Thomas Cooper Library, Multimedia Room 104
1322 Greene St,
Columbia, SC 29208

This session is being delivered in a face-to-face format. 
You'll need to come to the Thomas Cooper Library to attend. There is not a virtual option available to attend this presentation.


Late arrival and/or early exit from the workshop invalidates receiving credit. 



Are you equipped to provide accessible content to your students? Bring your laptop to gain hands-on experience to strengthen your answer to that question.

This session will provide a brief overview of disabilities, challenges disabilities cause, and types of assistive technologies students may use to access your content. More importantly, this session provides practical guidance for applying accessibility best practices to your documents.

Attend with your laptop containing your existing documents (e.g., syllabus) and with your head containing an open mind with a touch of curiosity. Together we will resolve a few of the most common and most important accessibility issues. Let's be a team to gain a sense of an accessible experience within this inclusive and safe learning space.

Come with an interest in creating accessible content. Leave with a strong sense that applying accessibility best practices opens the path of better experiences for all your students within our shared digital world.

This is an elective session for a certificate of completion in
Teaching Towards Inclusive Excellence.


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Dow Hammond
Senior Digital Accessibility Specialist
Digital Accessibility
Division of Information Technology (DoIT)

Dow Hammond is the Senior Digital Accessibility Specialist with our University's Digital Accessibility team. After graduating from USC in 2009 he has stayed engaged with our USC community through our Student Disability Resource Center for over a decade providing assistive technology and accessibility services for and on behalf of students with a disability. Dow gained valuable insights, knowledge, and skills related to digital accessibility through multiple opportunities of working with students, faculty, and staff. Dow's passion for digital accessibility led him to earn the International Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) certification and nudged him into leadership with our state's Access South Carolina Information Technology (ASCIT) Program focused on digital accessibility awareness, education, and collaboration opportunities throughout our state. Dow holds that same focus as he continues his interactions within our flagship education community.

Susan Quinn
Assistant Director
eLearning Services
Division of Information Technology

Susan Quinn is the Assistant Director of eLearning Services in the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). Prior to joining DoIT, she was director of instructional support in the College of Education. She taught courses in both the Special Education and Educational Technology programs. Quinn has an M.Ed. in special education technology, and was a special education teacher and research associate before coming to USC.