Overwhelmed or Over-Teaching? Humanism for Pedagogical Resilience

Tuesday, January 24, 2023
10:05 AM - 11:20 AM


Center for Teaching Excellence
Thomas Cooper Library, Room L511

The session is being delivered in a face-to-face format. You'll need to come to the offices of the Center for Teaching Excellence to attend. There is not a virtual option available to attend this presentation.


Part of living a healthy life and caring for personal wellbeing is being mindful about how we spend our time as academics. This workshop will provide participants with tools and training for how to audit our time use and rethink our role as holistic (whole-person) faculty members. This includes revisiting the humanist angle on practices and expectations in the faculty lifestyle: time management, over-teaching, communication and meeting structures, and pedagogical social interactions. The session will provide practical examples of ways that the humanist learning model can be used to help reduce overwhelm for both instructors and students and help us re-orient our pedagogical decisions to refocus on the foundational purpose of education.


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Kim Thompson
Associate Professor
School of Library and Information Science
College of Information and Communications

Kim Thompson is an associate professor in the School of Library and Information Science. Her work contributes to the body of Library and Information Studies research with a principle focus on the relationship between information access and social inclusion. This relationship has been the focus of the qualitative research she has conducted in the United States, Australia, Chile and India. Her research uses critical inquiry of current information policy and historical and qualitative methods to examine conceptualizations of digital inclusion, information access and information poverty. She does research in English and Spanish and presents research findings and publishes in both languages. Thompson received her B.A. in English from Brigham Young University. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University.