UofSC Training and Professional Development

What's Your Story?

Date: Thursday, Sept. 29 
Time: 10 am to 12 pm
Map to Event: 

Event Location: Sumwalt College, Suite 203

What’s Your Story (WYS): Who you are matters! Writing and telling your story/stories takes courage. Learning about yourself requires vulnerability and honesty as you might discover secrets, stereotypes, values, inequities, bullying, new family history, celebrations, biases, privileges, and traditions to name a few.

Knowing our own diversity, equity and inclusion story helps you understand “All kinds of diversity” according to Koppelman. Telling and owning your story/stories can be extremely empowering and many times gives voice to those who may have been silenced or excluded.  60sec Truths stories leave individuals with key concept to focus on their own lives, lessons, and experiences. Topic examples: Endurance, perseverance, excellence, activism gender, Faith, Becoming, individuals will highlight their journey and share their 60sec truths. (Culture conversations) There is a pre-assignment requirement, and you will receive the assignment once you register for the course. 120 minutes (2 hours)


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