Sharing GTA/IA Experiences in the Pandemic: What Worked, What Didn't, and What to Take with You Into Fall - Cancelled

Tuesday, July 27, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM


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Sharing GTA/IA Experiences in the Pandemic: What Worked, What Didn't, and What to Take with You Into Fall - Cancelled is a webinar ONLY – please do not come to the CTE office.


If someone had told you a year and a half ago, that in March 2020 the entire university was going to be rapidly moved online within a week, you might have thought, “Oh how dreadful! That will never work!” But now that we are on the other side of it… what a difference a year and a half can make in how we fundamentally think about teaching, student learning and engagement, and course development, not just online but in general. This “forced experiment” in online education has broadened our perspective and forced us to rethink so many assumptions, expectations, and entrenched habits in teaching, learning, and academia.

Join us for a thoughtful discussion among fellow GTA/IAs and hear what your graduate student colleagues have experienced and learned during this pandemic-forced, online-and-hybrid, teaching-and-learning experience. What gave you joy, and what gave you angst? What were your successes, and what were lessons learned? We’ll also discuss some of the predictions for how online and face-to-face teaching in higher ed will change and continue in both the near and further-out future (and our experiences with those already!).


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Michelle L. Hardee
TA Training Program Manager
Center for Teaching Excellence

Michelle L. Hardee is the Program Manager for graduate student teaching assistant (TA) programs in the Center for Teaching Excellence. She is responsible for developing CTE’s graduate TA training seminars, managing GRAD 701, the Teaching Assistant Development course, and helping students progress through the Preparing Future Faculty Program. She coordinates regularly with the Graduate School and other university academic partners on graduate student professional development workshops and events. Hardee received her Ph.D. in Marine Science here at UofSC and taught throughout her graduate program. She is currently an instructor in the School of Earth, Ocean and Environment at UofSC, teaching the Honors section of the Oceans and Society course and Environment of the Earth (GEOL 103). Throughout her 25-year teaching career, Hardee has been actively involved in marine science education and teacher training, including at Coastal Carolina University and the College of Charleston.