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Advanced Falcon Online and Online Pedagogy

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Registration open through 12/31/2023 12:00 PM EST

NOTE: This training is required for all faculty teaching hybrid or fully online. It takes approximately 6 hours to complete. You must have completed Introduction to Falcon Online (or the LMS equilavent) to take this training.
We conduct the course online in Falcon Online. We designed it for new and existing faculty who have completed Introduction to Falcon Online (or the LMS equivalent) and want to learn advanced features of Falcon Online. You will learn advanced features of various learning environment tools for building and managing your course, and disseminate and select rich content specific to what you teach. Faculty will collaborate with each other, share ideas and explore best practices for teaching and learning. NOTE: This event is open registration and you will receive email notification of your registration. You will receive a separate email notification once we enroll you in the Falcon Online course shell. You will have two weeks to complete the course from the enrollment date in Falcon Online. Contact the Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) at 386-506-3485 if you have questions.


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