Com. Building Inspector (ICC B2)



Course Objective: Types of construction and occupancy types are the key factors to understanding the

International Building Code. Once finished with this course, the student will possess a working knowledge that

will allow them to implement the structural aspects of the code. These structural aspects will include concrete and masonry construction, as well as the requirements for any size structure to withstand live loads, dead loads, wind loads and seismic forces.



 Method of Evaluation: Through a series of pre and post progress quizzes, reviews and worksheets, the instructor will aid the student in seeing how related tables and sections are used to form the current code. The instructor will help the student better understand how to interpret codes correctly and avoid common mistakes in the field. 






Class Dates 10/17/2023 to 10/20/2023


eWISE Only Class - Please Be Online At 8:00 AM (EST)

Class Time 8:30 - 3:30 (All 4 Days)




Practice Quiz: You will receive the link at the end of the class.


Class Link & Workbook: You will be emailed a class link and a workbook to print one week before the class starts. Check your SPAM folder!


NOTE: Price does not include code books or ICC exam fees




Books You Need For Class

  • 2018 International Building Code
  • 2014 ACI 318
  • Highlighters
  • Calculator
  • England Training will email you a workbook in PDF form to print 1 week before the class starts



NOTE: Classes and Exams are not state specific.

Continuing Education

Class Approved for 2.4 CEU's (24 Hours)




South Carolina LLR





Class Outline

Day 1

Pre-Quiz & Review

Types Of Construction

Occupancy Types

Structural Requirements-


Special Inspections

Concrete Basics

Masonry Basics

Day 2

Progress Quiz & Review

Light Frame Wood Construction

Tempered/Safety Glass Requirements

Provisions During Construction

Code Requirements for Existing Buildings

Day 3

Progress Quiz & Review

Heights & Areas

Table 503

Occupancy Separation

Fire-Resistant Construction

Fire Protection Systems

Day 4

IBC Chapter 10 – Egress

IBC Chapter 11 - Accessibility


Instructor Bio




Scheduled Instructor:



Patrick Bradshaw has been involved in the Codes industry for over 20 years.  Prior to this he worked in law enforcement and the fire service. Patrick graduated the S.C. Criminal Justice Academy with honors and has attended the National Fire Academy on multiple occasions.  During this time, Patrick has served as a patrol officer, criminal investigator, firefighter, fire apparatus operator, fire instructor, deputy fire marshal, life safety code specialist, manager of the State Fire Marshal Certification program, a fire investigator, HazMat technician, fire investigator, commercial building plans examiner and many other roles.


Patrick transitioned into codes enforcement in 1997 as a fire and life safety surveyor conducting both state and federal inspections of licensed healthcare facilities in South Carolina.  This included hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory surgery facilities, assisted living facilities and other healthcare facilities.  He then became a deputy state fire marshal.  Patrick was the first manager for the state fire marshal’s certification program.  In this role he also administered and instructed three NFPA international certification courses for fire inspections and plan review.  Patrick has conducted numerous fire investigations in addition to fire and building codes inspections.  His inspection duties required him to inspect most all types of buildings and occupancies, as defined in the codes. 


Patrick has taught hundreds of classes to various audiences over his career.  Audiences include: firefighters, healthcare professionals, architects, engineers, fire inspectors and marshals, code enforcement officials, building officials, plans examiners and others.  Patrick maintains over 16 ICC certifications and has served on ICC’s exam development committee.  Patrick has consulted with design professionals, has served as an expert consulting witness and is a member of  the South Carolina Building Codes Council.

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