2022 Call for Presentations


PRESENTATION PROPOSALS are requested to further sustain programmatic, classroom and student achievement through professional leadership, transition readiness, new technology, career pathways, best practices, enhanced life skills or successful partnerships. The 2022 Summer Program Planning Committee seeks to highlight and share proven examples of CTE’s impact on students, schools and communities, as well as innovations, technology applications and curriculum.


PROPOSALS will be welcomed for 50-minute, 1.5- or 3-hour sessions. Proposals may suggest more than one topic within a time period to share ideas, suggestions or practices with colleagues in a concise manner, allowing attendees to obtain valuable techniques or skills in a short timeframe.


VIRTUAL ONLY PROPOSALS will be accepted. Once approved, these videos must be submitted by April 1, 2022. The presenter will receive the format information in a timely manner after the proposal is accepted.


ALL PROPOSALS must be submitted online only. Accepted proposals will be acknowledged in mid-April 2022 following a peer review by the 2022 Summer Program Planning Committee.



Proposals are due on January 15, 2022


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