Professional Invitational with Julian Kwasneski - PERFORMER

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

6:30 PM-9:30 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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Class Description

The professional Invitational is your chance to meet directors, producers, and advertising professionals who hire voice talent. There's a different guest each time. During the first hour, Sally interviews our guest about their background, creative process, and how they audition and select talent. Then we open the floor to questions from attendees. Finally, 12 students will read copy and receive feedback from our guest. Hosted by Sally Clawson.


How To Attend

12 performer spaces give you the opportunity to read and receive feedback from our guest. Advanced and Pro students only. These spots will go fast!

12 auditor spaces are also available for students who wish to attend without performing during the final part of class - a great way to learn about the industry regardless of your experience level.

Professional — Character

At the Professional level, students are expected to perform with a high degree of competence, technique, acting skill, and a well-developed ability to take direction. Please attend class in your working voice over booth or broadcast-quality recording space.

Online Class

This class is held on Zoom. Class will not be recorded.

Class Size

This class is limited to 12 performer spaces and 12 auditor spaces.


Performer Cost: $140

Performer Spaces Remaining: 1


***Advanced/Pro Students Only***


Click here to register as an Auditor

(Auditor Cost: $75, All Levels may Audit)

Instructor: Julian Kwasneski; Sally Clawson

Julian is a 25 year video game industry veteran with countless titles to his credit. After joining the audio department at LucasArts Entertainment Company in 1994 he went on to work on numerous Star Wars titles such as Jedi Knight and X-Wing Alliance to The Phantom Menace and Force Commander as well as groundbreaking original classics The Dig, Outlaws, Monkey Island and Grim Fandango.

Upon his departure in 2000, he co-founded Bay Area Sound, Inc., a company specializing in game dialog, sound and music production and project management. Since forming the company Julian has continued to push the envelope of high quality audio with credits spanning every platform from console to mobile and with such notable licenses as The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, Fables and Star Wars. The Walking Dead went on to win over 100 Game Of The Year awards as well as Best Dialog of 2012 not to mention BAFTA nominations for both of the game’s lead role performances. He is also the chief architect of Bay Area Sound's unique dialog production pipeline which has been used to great success since its debut in 2003 and has continued its evolution and innovation. IMDb

Sally Clawson believes the skill of voice over requires good acting, technique, knowledge of the business, and a sense of play. Her teaching weaves all of these skills in a balanced and focused progression that will develop a highly competitive actor. She is engaging, generous and direct because she focuses on the student and what their voice and individuality bring to the art.


SAG-AFTRA, California's Labor laws, and the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act state that casting workshops are allowed under the law but cannot offer auditions or employment as part of their services. By registering for a class taught by a talent agent, casting director, producer, or actor who hires talent, you are fully aware that it is not a job interview or audition. By attending a class through a Talent Training and Counseling Service, you further understand that the intent of the class is solely educational.