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Program Information

The program is intended to provide you with information about the specialties listed below. We will also touch on other topics, including schooling/program requirements, getting into practice/the work force, and what a typical day is like for an orthopedic specialist.

During the TRIA experience, you will hear about our philosophy on patient centered care, learn about a few of our unique programs, and view a previously recorded ACL reconstruction surgery. After the event, you will receive a request to complete an evaluation of the course.


  • Gain a general introduction to TRIA and the orthopedic profession.
  • Become acquainted with the specific roles of different orthopedic specialists, allowing for future opportunities to directly observe a specialist in a clinical or ambulatory environment.
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the requirements and education needed to pursue a career in various orthopedic careers.
  • Introduction to available resources and how to utilize them.


Primary areas of focus include:

· Physical Therapy

· Physician Assistant

· Orthopedic Physician

· Medical School, Residency, Fellowship

· Athletic Training

· Surgical Observation

Additionally, we touch on the following topics*:

· Nursing

· Occupational Therapy

· Radiology Technologists

· Surgical Technician

*Topics are subject to change


Observation after the Program:

No observations are currently permitted at this time. We will contact you if this changes.


There is no charge to attend this course.



Who can I contact if I need assistance with registration or have other questions?

Please email your questions to institute@tria.com or call the main office line at 953.806.5603, open from 8:00am – 4:30pm CST, Monday – Friday.


No observations are currently permitted at this time. We will contact you if this changes

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