Washington State Emergency Management Division


Telecommunicator 2 - Basic Dispatch - Virtual

Wednesday, August 24, 2022 -   Friday, August 26, 2022

24 hour class for new Dispatchers with 0-3 months experience OR those needing to recertify! This specific class will be VIRTUAL using Microsoft Teams

Course Description

24 hour class for new Dispatchers with 0-3 months experience OR those needing to recertify!





This class is ideal for training newly hired dispatchers or as a refresher for existing employees who are currently employed at a PSAP. This is a standardized training course that meets the recommended APCO minimum training standards and is designed to augment agency's in-house training. This course covers the basic skills, knowledge and abilities every public safety telecommunications dispatcher needs to meet the demands of this critical work. Some of the topics covered include terminology and standardization, responder safety, stress management, fire operations and dispatch methods, incident command system (ICS) and Active Shooter. This is also a great chance to network with other agencies in Washington and expand your knowledge and skill set.






The 24-hour training will consist of a live virtual workshop using Microsoft Outlook Teams and will span 3 consecutive 8-hour days. This is an interactive course and student participation will be expected and attendance required to earn their certificate. Successful completion of the course includes passing the end of course test and attending no less than 90% of the total course hours.


*Must be currently employed by a PSAP/911 Communications Center



*Telecommunicator 1 highly recommended but not strictly required

Pre-Course Requirements

Print your agency mission statement out in the largest font allowable to fit the statement on one 11 X 8.5 piece of paper. Bring the mission statement with you the Telecommunicator 2.



Please read Unit 1 and Unit 2 prior to the first day of class, as we will be discussing this content in class.



*Student Guide will be emailed to class prior to class.

Registration open through 8/17/2022 8:59 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)