2021 Exhibitor Application


All exhibitors must complete this form before June 15 to be considered for the MAEDS conference.

The MAEDS Fall Conference is moving to a new hosting facility.  The conference is moving for 2021 to Grand Traverse Resorts just outside Traverse City, MI.  This new host facility brings about significantly more space than our previous host.  With these changes, the options for exhibitors are also changing.  Before applying for the MAEDS Fall Conference, make sure you read and understand the changes outlined on this page: https://www.maeds.org/index.php/fall-conference/faq-vendors/


Applicants should not make travel plans or register a hotel room until they have been notified that their application has been accepted. Submitting an application does not constitute acceptance. MAEDS is not responsible for any travel or lodging fees incurred by Applicants, including those who make plans prior to being notified of acceptance.


The application window runs from April 15 to June 15.  Exhibitor selections are done at our board meeting that usually takes place in late-June.  Applicants can expect to be notified of their status by mid-July. 



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