Wet Gap Crossing AREA TTPS, Engineer Rally Point



MG (Ret) Bryan Watson

AEA President

23 June  2022 at 8:00 PM EST


MG (Retired) Bryan Watson here.


 AEA will begin hosting a monthly live-virtual professional development forum via Zoom…think “TED Talks for Army Engineer” except more interactive because its live! The intent is to have a discussion by the Regiment for the Regiment focused on interest of junior and mid-career leaders. Topics will range from current tactical unit challenges, USACE projects of interest, emerging technologies…things you want to talk about. The focus will be twofold: 1) latest best practices by small unit leaders in meeting current warfighting challenges and 2) broadening leader perspectives on opportunities across the Army Engineer Profession.


 AEA will advertise the Engineer Rally Point topics and session dates/times in advance and you can register on the AEA website at armyengineer.com. You can also recommend specific topics of interest…this is your forum! We will record the discussion and create a library for viewing later at your convenience. This is not a members-only service. It is open to all Army Engineers. To get us started, here are the first sessions topics and dates/times.


 23 June – Wet Gap Crossing: Crossing Area TTP: What Engineer Leaders Should Know


36th EN BDE will provide Insights from EN BN/CO/PLT leadership

Thesis: The complexities of Wet Gap Crossing (WGX) is due to the overwhelming need of three or more Warfighting Functions (WFF) and the lack of expertise to conduct such operations due to its infrequency. The Defender Europe 22 exercise allowed us to address these complexities and provided lessons learned that are crucial to the success of future WGX missions


21 July - Top 3 Most Interesting USACE Projects

25 August - Terrain Shaping at the CTC: A View From The Engineer Company

22 September - Post-Service Employment - What Engineering Firms Are Looking For


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Bryan G. Watson

Major General, US Army (Retired)

AEA President