ARE YOU OKAY? (Online/Self-Paced)

Friday, May 26, 2023
 -11:45 PM

Registration open through 7/28/2023 EST

May 26-July 31, 2023: All tasks due by July 31st for credit!

Open to All Educators or School Employees

“Well-oiled machines don’t grind.” —Phonte

The best way to achieve work-life balance is to remember that you deserve to have a life outside of work. Your value doesn’t disappear when you leave the classroom. No one else is you. No one else can take care of you but you. Are you okay? Do you find time to take care of you? This training will ask you questions and give you resources to understand you in a better light and enhance your self-care toolbox.

The training will be sent out to you as soon as you register. You will have until July 31st to complete and send all TASK Answers to which will be explained in the training.

Feel free to reach out to Barb Preston with any questions at


The registration fee for this event is $25.00


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