Fun Day at the Decatur Public Library - (In-Person)

Tuesday, July 18, 2023
 9:15 AM-2:15 PM


Calling all K-6 teachers! Grab a friend or your grade level partner! Spend the day planning a FUN and engaging cross-curricular unit to use in the next school year.
We will spend the first part of the day working with standards and pacing guides to develop and plan a cross-curricular unit. Then, we will enjoy Downtown Decatur over the lunch hour. After lunch, we will have an opportunity to get a tour of the library facilities, look for books to support our unit plans and work with a librarian to get more ideas!
This is perfect for:
• anyone who wants to bring more books into the classroom but has never utilized the
public library
• people who love the library and love to work with the library staff for resources
• teams of teachers wanting to plan for the next school year and enjoy the time to plan
• anyone who wants to try a cross-curricular unit but doesn't know how to get started
• teachers in and around Decatur- the library staff can help you to plan and explain how
you can use your library at school or in your town to get resources from local libraries

Spots are limited so sign up soon!


Cost is $25.00


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