Training for Para, TA's, Teachers, Anyone Supporting Struggling Students (Online/Self-Paced)

Friday, May 26, 2023
 -11:45 PM

Registration open through 7/28/2023 EST

May 26-July 31, 2023: All tasks due by July 31st for credit!

The prefix “Para” means at the side of. The title can be different, but it remains that if you are supporting students inside a classroom, you are working alongside unique students who learn in different ways. Starting with the basics and moving toward the effective, participants will come away with a good understanding of what they can do to be successful. This training is filled with strategies and ideas that align with standards and highlight different learning styles. Your job catches the students who fall between the cracks. I want to seal the cracks by giving you the best. Come and Learn some new ideas.

The training will be sent out to you as soon as you register. You will have until July 31st to complete and send all TASK Answers to which will be explained in the training.

Feel free to reach out to Barb Preston with any questions at


The registration fee for this event is $25.00


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