5062 PBIS Tier 2 Series

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

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Day 1 - Tier 2 Systems - Check In/Check Out - 1/24/23
Day 2 - More Tier 2 Options - 2/13/23
Day 3 - Tier 2 Trauma-Informed Support - 3/21/23
Day 4 - Alternatives to Suspension/Addressing Disproportionality -
All sessions are from 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM



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Day 1 - Tier 2 Systems/Check In Check Out: The Tier 2 series begins with an overview of systems issues such as using data analysis to identify “hotspots” in the school and targeted interventions, establishing criteria for identifying students in need of additional intervention, and Tier 2 team operations. Participants will also learn how to implement Check In Check Out, including multiple adaptations to this powerful intervention. Emphasis will be placed on scaling up use of CICO so that a maximum number of students can benefit from it.

Day 2 - More Tier 2 Options: In this session participants will learn how to expand the school's menu of Tier 2 intervention options. These include: Adult Mentors, Targeted Social Skills Instruction, Take a Break, Home/School Plans, and Token Systems. Discussion will include how to match students to the appropriate intervention based upon the student's profile.

Day 3 - Tier 2 Trauma-Informed Support: In the 3rd session of the Tier 2 Series participants will learn how the effects of trauma and chronic toxic stress impact some of our students. For students that have experienced trauma it is essential that schools provide a safe and predictable environment and strong, positive relationships. Discussion will focus on how Tier 2/3 interventions can be tailored to address the unique needs of students to help mitigate the effects of trauma in their lives.

Day 4 - Alternatives to Suspension/Addressing Disproportionality: This session will review research on the impact of exclusionary practices such as out of school suspension, especially on repeat offenders. We will also discuss the disparate impact of suspension practices on African American students. Current best practice requires that disciplinary actions for major infractions should have an educational and/or restorative component. However, these disciplinary actions also need to be effective in reducing reoccurrences of the problem behavior. School administrators need a menu of effective options to address the varied needs of students and this session will review a range of such options. Principles of cultural responsiveness will be embedded into this session.


Chris McEvoy; Kayrl Reynoso

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