Wellness: Taking Care of Yourself

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Wellness: Taking Care of Yourself will be available until August 24th, 2022. Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation letter with instructions on how to access the training.

Wellness: Taking Care of Yourself On-Line Lessons will support staff in:

• Understanding the impact of adult well-being on children's social emotional development.
• Identifying symptoms of stress, compassion fatigue, secondary trauma and vicarious trauma.
• Learning strategies for reducing stress and increasing wellness.
• Understanding how mindfulness can reduce stress and improve well-being.
• Practicing mindfulness.
• Developing a self-care plan.

This is the one tool you need to help teachers understand the link between their own well-being and children's behavior. Use these lessons to take steps towards improving staff wellness in your program leading to higher quality care for children. Wellness: Taking Care of Yourself On-Line Lessons is an excellent supplement to the Trauma Informed Care and Pyramid Model On-Line Lessons.

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