Alamo Area HIMA Membership

January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023


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Group Registration

Group Registration - Informative Video




  1. You will enter Group Contact information on the first screen.

    The Group Contact is responsible for managing the members registered in the group and the payment for all members in the group.

    Entering group contact information does not register you personally for membership. If you wish to register yourself and/or others as a member you must complete a registration form by clicking on the 'Add Registrant' button at the bottom of the Group Contact form.

  2. Please ensure each member added to your Group Registration has their individual email address.

    The email address provided on each registration is utilized for all membership email communications.

    If you do not provide the registrants' individual email addresses they will not receive any Member communications from the association.


If you need assistance with group registration, please contact us.