Wellable Total Wellness Challenge

8/1/2022 through 8/28/2022



Wellness goes far beyond just being active and eating well. Bringing awareness to the unique dimensions of wellness can help build a holistic sense of fulfillment and well-being – and this challenge provides an opportunity for just that. In addition to tracking physical activity and nutrition*, participants will view engaging videos to explore eight different well-being dimensions.


*Please note that you will need to utilize a nutrition tracking app to engage in the nutrition aspect of this challenge. 


Participants will be eligible for random drawings to keep you motivated and support your wellness goals. Winners will be announced throughout the challenge.


This challenge is open to all full and part time faculty and staff. Employees participating in the Wellness Your Way Reward program must achieve an overall participation score of 65% of the available points to qualify for wellness reward credit. This challenge is worth 20 Tier 2 points