Be Well Powered by Plants Challenge


May 10 through June 6, 2021

Looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet? This challenge is designed to educate on the benefits of following a plant forward diet and how it can be done without having to eliminate all animal-based foods. Participants are encouraged to eat at least 1 plant-based meal a day. To be considered plant-based, the meal must be at least 50% vegetables and/or fruit and have 1 serving of plant-based protein (the meal does not need to be completely vegan). 


Participants will be entered into random prize drawings to keep you motivated and support your wellness goals. Winners will be announced throughout the challenge.


Participants who actively participate in all 4 weeks of the challenge and achieve an overall participation score of 65% will be eligible for 20 Wellness Your Way reward points.


*This challenge is administered by Be Well Solutions and is open to all full-time, benefits eligible employees only.


Register no later than May 4, 2021