Digital Health & Clients: Emerging skills and tools needed for a new era of practice as society’s digital and #IRL identities fuse

Friday, December 10, 2021; 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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Social Workers can attest first-hand to the effects that our digital lives have had on society in the last decade, especially after the proliferation of smart phones and social media. Even though technology is all around us, we might feel ill-equipped to understand, empathize, assess and provide best practices to help clients cope with our merging digital and #IRL (in real life) identities. Practicing within our competency is key to good ethics, but why must we now consider the needs of clients and their relationship to technology? To answer this, we will explore the meaning of digital health, investigate emerging research on mental health and social media and their racial inequities, delve into technology assessment tools and discuss new media literacies we can use for psychoeducation to improve digital health for us all!



By the end of this presentation participants will be able to:

• Define digital wellness

• Identify the positive and negative impacts of digital media on mental health

• Explore 3 digital assessment tools to utilize with clients (and yourselves)

• Investigate what are NEW media literacy skills




Julie Muñoz-Nájar is a licensed social worker with a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. At the School of Social Work, she works with BSW students and community partners to foster and support learning in and outside of the classroom during internship placements.

Julie is also a Fellow with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Portland State’s School of Social Work’s: Social Work Health Futures Lab, where she is exploring topics related to the future of social work, technology, and systems. She considers herself a Public Interest Technologist through her roles in various spaces, including in her most important work as an educator in her course entitled: Technologies: Social Issues, Design and Ethics. Together with students and community partners, she hopes to create understanding about how technologies are silently impacting society in sometimes valuable, but insidious ways.


Continuing Education

This event offers 2.0 CEUs for LCSW/LSW and LCPC/LPC in the state of Illinois.



This event is $10 for CEU's and FREE for no CEU's.


This event is a webinar



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