Cisco JavaScript Essentials 1

Cisco JavaScript Essentials 1

  • Dates: Wednesday, January 18, 2023 through 3/1/2023
  • Cost: n/a  Units: 1
  • Duration: 40 Hours
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • Level: Beginner


Learn the essentials of JavaScript and computer programming from scratch!


About the Course

Learn JavaScript, the language of the web

You likely use web-based and mobile applications every day. Watching an embedded video on your news app, using the search box on Amazon, or refreshing your Instagram feed. What is powering these applications?

Learn how interactive web and mobile apps are created with JavaScript – and learn to program your own! JavaScript is a text-based programming language, and this course is a great place to start learning programming. No prior knowledge required.

Programming skills open you up to careers in almost any industry and are required if you want to continue to more advanced and higher paying web, mobile app, or game development roles.

Completing the course earns you a Statement of Achievement. It also prepares you for the JSE - Certified Entry-Level JavaScript Programmer certification from OpenEDG JavaScript Institute.

What You Will Learn
  • Think algorithmically and analyze problems.
  • Design, develop, and improve JavaScript programs.
  • Understand a programmer’s work in the software development process and the role of fundamental development tools.
  • Know how a program is interpreted and executed in an actual local and remote computer environment.
  • Create and develop your own programming portfolio.


Basic familiarity with email and the internet.

Things Needed

Reliable internet access, webcam & email.

Registration open through 1/11/2023 11:59 PM

About Us
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Kevin Celata


Brian Crump



This is an instructor led course with all of the content being delivered asynchronously. This means all of the content is delivered via online using video lectures to view at your own time.


Instructor supported throughout your course.

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