Electronics For Telecommunications (TKTII)

Electronics For Telecommunications (TKTII)

Stanly Community College

  • Course Number: ELC 301411
  • Dates: Wednesday, May 24, 2023 through 7/26/2023
  • Cost: $600  Units: 3
  • College: Stanly Community College
  • Address: 141 College Drive, Albemarle NC 28001
  • Federal ID: 011194
  • Advisor: Holly McIlwaine,, 704-991-0345


Registration open through 5/23/2023 11:59 PM

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TKT Prep Course- This course introduces DC and AC electricity with an emphasis on circuit analysis, measurements, and operation of test equipment. Topics include DC and AC principles, circuit analysis laws and theorems, components, test equipment operation, circuit simulation, and other related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to interpret circuit schematics; design, construct, verify, and analyze DC/AC circuits; and properly use test equipment. ere


Cost is $600

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Stanly Community College Instructor TBD

Course Objectives

You'll gain a workable understanding of the following concepts associated with electronics and telecommunications:

• Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) Signal Noise and Distortion

• Basic Electrical Circuits, including open/closed, shorts, grounds, wiring, etc.

• Potential Differences, Batteries, Float Voltage, Grounding, & Conductance

• Basic Electrical Transmission and Waveforms Electrical Safety Practices

• Electrical Conductors Basic and Intermediate Computer Functions, including using: Start Menu, Task Bar, Accessories/System Tools, My Computer, Control Panel, Device Manager, Network Neighborhood/My Network Places, windows, saving files, etc.

• Electrical Flow, Power, Resistance, and Current Basic Computer Software functions

• Electrostatic Discharge Digital Transmission, including advantages and disadvantages, Digital/Analog Conversion, Bit Frame, Bit Stream, T-carriers – hierarchy, overhead, framing, and data rates

• Electrical Fuses Units of Measurement, including Binary System

• Identify and use various electrical units such as Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power

• Read and interpret technical instructions, schematic diagrams, flowcharts, etc. • Impedance Basic Math (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), positive and negative numbers

Things Needed

Reliable internet access, webcam, email, calculator

Why Stanly Community College?

CWA/NETT has partnered with Stanly CC for more than 20 years to to provide among best and most affordable training available. For example, our custom TKT course yields a 98% passing rate. This is an example of the dedication to the instructors selected to work with CWA members in this program.

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Live On-line ZOOM

This is an instructor led course using LIVE lectures to deliver the content in a synchronous method at a specific time and date.


Basic math and familiarity with email and the internet. You will be using Zoom webconferencing for this class.