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Childbirth Center Virtual Tour


Presented by Overlake Childbirth Center



For those planning on giving birth at Overlake or for those exploring your options, we invite you to watch the online tour of our Childbirth Center posted above. This pre-recorded presentation will give you a look at our private birthing suites and comfortable mother/baby rooms.


On the virtual tour, you will learn about:

  • Where to park and check-in for the new childbirth center.
  • Policies for siblings, other family members and guests. (Subject to change)
  • Fetal monitoring, labor coping tools, pain management options and recovery.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
  • Cesarean birth and recovery.
  • Newborn assessments.
  • Early breastfeeding.
  • Postpartum care.
  • The process of going home from the hospital with baby.


Sandra Salmon and Candice Palmer


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Virtual Online Tour