Old 7.31 Understanding Birth - Online (Class 1)




Our online childbirth class provides comprehensive information you can trust as you prepare for your upcoming birth.

We recommend this class to be taken during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Specific information about what to expect during your stay at Overlake Medical Center.
  • The birth process and medical procedures through instructive video clips, animations and interactive games.
  • What labor is really like as you watch several complete birth stories.
  • How to create your own birth plan.


In addition to the online class, we have included weekly virtual meetings allowing for questions and answers with a childbirth educator after you've taken the online course. These meetings are held every Thursday from 11 - 12 PM. We welcome you and your partner to join and ask any questions that you might have after taking the course. If time allows, we might include discussions on specific topics such as:


  • Your Amazing Body – pregnancy anatomy and the 3rd trimester
  • The “P's” of Labor – anatomy of labor and birth
  • Hormones! – pre-labor changes in your body
  • Is This Labor? – signs and sensations of labor
  • Comfort Tools – relaxation, breathing and support for labor
  • Positions for Labor – how they help
  • Pain Management – labor pain and options for coping
  • Baby's Coming! - pushing baby out and immediate recovery
  • Why Vaginal Birth? – benefits of a vaginal birth for mom and baby
  • What is an Induction? - medical procedures during labor
  • What is a C-section? - cesarean birth and recovery
  • Healing After Birth – postpartum and breastfeeding


We also offer the following online/virtual classes:


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For after birth support, we also offer a series of group meetings called After Baby Comes that we encourage you to sign up for after your due date.