Preparing for Birth - Online (Class 1)




Maybe you work late or on weekends, or you find yourself on bed rest for health reasons; our online childbirth class provides comprehensive information you can trust as you prepare for your upcoming birth. Included with the online class are Before Baby Comes; 12 weekly virtual meetings led by a certified Childbirth Educator.

We recommend this class to be taken during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Specific information about what to expect during your stay at Overlake Medical Center.
  • The birth process and medical procedures through instructive video clips, animations and interactive games.
  • What labor is really like as you watch several complete birth stories.
  • How to create your own birth plan.


Before Baby Comes weekly virtual meetings are held every Thursday from 12-1PM. The discussion topics rotate on a weekly basis so please join in for all 12 weeks. Topic titles are:


  • Your Amazing Body – pregnancy anatomy and the 3rd trimester
  • The “P's” of Labor – anatomy of labor and birth
  • Hormones! – pre-labor changes in your body
  • Is This Labor? – signs and sensations of labor
  • Comfort Tools – relaxation, breathing and support for labor
  • Positions for Labor – how they help
  • Pain Management – labor pain and options for coping
  • Baby's Coming! - pushing baby out and immediate recovery
  • Why Vaginal Birth? – benefits of a vaginal birth for mom and baby
  • What is an Induction? - medical procedures during labor
  • What is a C-section? - cesarean birth and recovery
  • Healing After Birth – postpartum and breastfeeding


For after birth support, we also offer a series of group meetings called After Baby Comes that we encourage you to sign up for.