The Chat: Great Conversations About Growing Up. Together.

In partnership with Seattle Children's 

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Several options available to register using the link below. 


$100 for five-part series; $25 per individual workshop.


Available at greatcoversations.com, by email, or by calling (206) 789-2306.


Welcome to The Chat
The world around us is changing, and the Seattle Children's sponsored Great Conversations programs are all about change—changes in bodies, emotions, and relationships during puberty. You are in the right place.

Great Conversations has been talking with preteens and families for over 30 years in our in-person classes For Boys and For Girls. We are now offering online classes for 10-12 year old's and a grown-up.

We believe families are the very best place for conversations about puberty, sex, and other topics on growing up. We also know it can be helpful to have expert resources along for the journey.

We hope you will join us for this new adventure online, The Chat.

What is The Chat?

The Chat is a series of 5 workshops that reflect the content of our in-person classes (For Boys and For Girls) in a new online workshop format. Each workshop of The Chat is 45 minutes long on Zoom for preteens 10-12 and a grown-up.

These events are in workshop form—there are opportunities to talk about things together AND hear from an expert. A Great Conversations instructor will provide content that includes a video, activities and conversation prompts for family members to talk to each other.

Our goal is to create opportunities for families to engage with each other and grow in the experience of talking about these topics. Families' conversations with each other during class will be private.

You may take any individual workshop or all five. If you register for all 5 events, we recommend you start with “BO, Pimples, and Hair, Oh My!” and end with “Being Connected”. While families can choose to attend any combination of the workshops they feel is appropriate for them, the information in earlier sessions provides the foundation for understanding later sessions.

Who Should Sign Up?
The Chat is for 10-12 year olds and a grown-up who attend together. All of The Chat workshops are for all genders—preteen and parent.

How Do We Register?
Click on the link above to choose the topic and date that best works for you. Additional content will be added over time and classes will be repeated ongoing.

Scholarship Funds?

Scholarship funds are available for all Great Conversations programs. To inquire about scholarship: email greatconversations@parenttrust.org to talk to our registration team.

Offerings on the Chat

  • BO, Pimples, and Hair – Oh My!
    • Beginning the conversation on puberty together—what happens to all bodies in puberty
  • Girl Bodies and Beyond
    • The unique parts of puberty for people with girl body parts including breasts and periods (This class is one hour.)
  • Boy Bodies and Beyond
    • The unique parts of puberty for people with boy body parts including penises and testicles
  • Being Together: Feelings, Friendships, Families
    • How our brains change in puberty, emotion regulation, healthy relationships
  • Being Connected: Sex, Love, and Everything In Between
    • Attractions/crushes, sexual feelings and actions, sexual reproduction, decision-making

Additional Resources
Article, book, and website recommendations (including the books written by Great Conversations: Will Puberty Last My Whole Life? and This is Me – A Journal For Girls) can be found here.

You can get updates from Great Conversations' programs and parent talks on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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