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2nd Trimester Yoga for Pregnancy - On Demand Videos


When you can't make it to yoga class, you can still practice on your own in this 6-week video series recommended for the second trimester of your pregnancy and beyond. 


Cost: $95.00 / Series (6 videos)




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About This Event

Pregnancy is a time of transition. During pregnancy your body goes through changes, and it helps to adapt along with those changes. This series of videos will teach you about how your body changes during pregnancy. You will learn specific exercises to help you prepare for those changes, plus tips and tricks to cope with discomforts along the way. Becoming a parent requires both strength and softness. In these classes, you will have the opportunity to explore your strength and your ability to soften through mindful movement and introspection.

Throughout the series we will:

  • Explore how to adapt movement in different stages of pregnancy.
  • Practice calming exercises to cope with difficult sensations.
  • Bring awareness to the pelvic floor with breath and gentle movement.
  • Practice mindful movement and mediation.
  • Learn how to engage torso strength during pregnancy.
  • Address aches and pains commonly experienced during pregnancy.

Materials recommended for the course:

  • Pillow/ Blanket
  • Tennis or massage ball
  • Elastic exercise band
  • Yoga block


Instructor: Kadee Barello


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