Microaggression Series: Session 5 - How Microaggressions are Integrated into Textbooks Curriculum, Assignments, and Grading

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM



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In part five of this Microaggressions Presentation Series, Dr. Cerynn Desjarlais (Ph.D., Counseling Psychology), Director of Online Counseling Programs and Clinical Assistant Professor, focuses on understanding how microaggressions manifest in the classroom. She will provide an overview of how microaggressions surface within curriculum, assignment instructions, syllabi, textbooks and reading materials, classroom interactions amongst students and instructors, classroom policies, grading criteria, and higher education in general. She will discuss how to identify these microaggressions and how to make related changes to prevent these occurrences. Ultimately, this session aims to give the audience an understanding of how they can assess and alter their classroom structure, curriculum, class policies, and practices to prevent and mitigate microaggressions.


Presented by:

Dr. Cerynn Desjarlais

Director Online Counseling Program &

Clinical Assistant Professor

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