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Strategic Management

Starts Wednesday, January 6, 2021
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This is a free and open online learning platform that students can access anytime, without registration, to study a variety of subjects. Approximately 2400 courses are available and most offer downloadable lecture notes and assignments. All courses have reading lists, which include texts from business journals and textbooks.

  • Strategic HR Management is a graduate-level course that examines topics on human resources management, performance management, training and development, reward systems, and workforce diversity.
  • Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy teaches students about urban labor markets, public policy, welfare reform, and living wage campaigns. Selected lecture notes are available as PDF documents and cover labor demand, unions, employment training for adults, and more.
  • Work, Employment, and Industrial Relations Theory covers different labor theories, including Marxist and neo-classical ideas about industrial relations. Students also learn about the foundations of human resource management, views on global supply chains, and call center research.




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Registration open through 1/5/2021 Eastern Time (US & Canada)



Takisha M. Corbett, Ph.D.


Director of Organization Development and Assessments

For more than 20 years Dr. Takisha Corbett has worked and volunteered with national organizations across the country. Licensed as a clinical psychologist in the state of California, Dr. Corbett has extensive leadership and business experience and understands the importance of organizational development as foundational to ensuring overall organization success. She excels at developing systemic practices that seamlessly integrate data collection, daily processes, and analysis of outcomes.




























































































































































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