Advanced Microsoft Excel

This class meets twice.

Event Dates: 6/14/2022, 6/16/2022

Event Start Time: 6:00 PM

Event End Time: 8:00 PM

Hours: 4

Event Cost: $450.00 


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About the Course

This course provides expert instruction and hands-on exercises that will help you easily master analysis tools, PivotTables, conditional formatting, and other advanced features.

Course Outline

Intermediate Topics Covered Briefly:


· Review of basic formulas

· Basic “IF” Formulas

· Filling a series

· Copying and pasting formulas

· Cell comments

· Freezing panes

· Locking Cells, Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks

· Sorting and Filtering Data

· Grouping data – Naming a Range

· Conditional formatting

· Pivot Tables


Excel Charts:


· Creating and modifying design, layout and format


Data Management Tools:


· Conditional, Formatting, Sparklines

· Removing Duplicates

· Macros

· Collaboration Tools


Excel Advanced Training Topics:


· ISBLANK Function




Look Ups and Other Functions:


· HLookup and VLookup

· SUMIF Function

· Longest Text in Range

· SUMIF – Adding Certain Criteria

· SUMIF – Adding Using 2 Criteria

· SUMIF – Multiple Criteria

· SUMIF – Excluding Data

· SUMIF – Formula of Negative Values

· SUMIF – Formula of Different Range

· SUMIFS – Formula for Multiple Criteria

· SUMIF – Formula Value Text Compare

· Calculate Total Wages using ARRAY


· Formula to Calculate Grades

· Formula for Calculating Cumulative

· Calculating Days of the Week

· Calculating number of weekdays from a date

· Calculating months between 2 dates


Introduction to Macros:


· Developer Tools

· Saving Macros

· Absolute vs Relative Macros

· Recording Macros

· Creating Macro buttons

About the Instructor

We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. Carl Louviere has over 20 years experience and is passionate about the subjects he teaches.  He brings his enthusiasm into the online and on-site training sessions and virtual courses. Each year, when Microsoft introduces a new version, he adds the new features to his YouTube channel at

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The McNeese State University will always make the best effort to avoid cancelling a course. This course, like any other, can be cancelled for a variety of reasons. Please be aware of this possibility when making travel and hotel arrangements.

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