Hero U VBC 2022



We are so excited that you are joining us for Vacation Bible Camp!   


 Monday July 18 - Thursday July 21 Join us at your location

9-11:30am at Leawood, Overland Park and West 

5:30-8pm at Downtown and Blue Springs


Friday, July 22  6:30-8:30 p.m.  VBC Celebration.  We’ll have games, food, fun, as well as some surprises along the way. Invite your friends and neighbors to join you! 


Camp is for children currently in Kindergarten through 5th grade (2021/2022 school year). Children Pre K and younger may attend when an adult serves for the four days of camp. 

After an adult volunteers then they will receive the link to register younger children - do not register them here.  





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 Blue Springs (601 NE Jefferson) 
 Downtown (1601 Grand Blvd) 
 Leawood (13720 Roe Ave) 
 Overland Park (8412 W. 95th St) 
 West (24000 W. Valley Parkway) 
 Youth Small 
 Youth Medium  
 Youth Large 
 Youth XL  
 Adult Small 
 Adult Medium 
 Adult Large 



International Mission Donation Option

SOLAR HOME LIGHTING:  With the help of VBC, the project will seek to electrify rural households in Madisi, Dowa district in Malawi, who have never had lights in their houses before. The target is the children living in these homes whose education have been affected due to lack of light in the evening for them to fulfil their assignments or study. Most children’s day ends at 6pm – 7pm, when the sunsets, hence reducing their productivity. 

The project seeks to provide solar home lights that can light at least 2 bulbs and charge the phone so that children in these households could benefit.  The rollout pilot initiative aims at installing four identified solar systems suitable for rural setting for 4 identified homes in Madisi, Dowa District, Malawi. Lessons learnt and experiences derived from these 4 different solar systems for 4 different households will be incorporated in the main project. 

After 4 months, we should be able to determine which solar system offer the best performance suitable for rural home lighting. The project coordinator, the local leaders and the selected household members will monitor the project. The project will also focus on strengthening the capacity of local people in order to help them gain a stronger sense of ownership over solar energy activities. 

You can choose to donate now or there will be opportunity to donate during the week of VBC.
  Minimum: $5.00





Registration Agreement 


Permission and Medical Release. I, the parent or guardian, grant permission for my child(ren) to participate fully in the activity being registered for and sponsored by The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection (Church). In the event treatment by a physician or hospital is needed, I, as family representative of both the adults and minor child(ren) registering for this event (Family Representative), authorize adult leaders, volunteers or paid, to consent to all recommended medical treatment on my behalf, on behalf of my child(ren), and on behalf of any other registered adults if they cannot then consent on their own behalf. If medical help is needed, I agree to pay either directly or through my or our own insurance, all medical and hospital costs and to be solely responsible for any treatment and the cost thereof. I will keep my contact information up to date so I may be contacted as needed. My child(ren), other adult registrants in my family, and I are referred to herein as “registrants”.

Waiver of Liability. I, as Family Representative, in consideration of the registrants being allowed to participate in the activity, and intending to be legally bound, hereby waive, release, and agree to indemnify the Church from and against any and all rights and claims for damage, injury, accident or liability which I or any other registrant, or our respective successors and assigns may now or in the future have against The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, its staff, governance members, volunteers, and affiliates arising out of or relating to the activity. I acknowledge as Family Representative that each registrant is participating at their own risk. I agree to assume full financial responsibility for any damage or injury caused by my child(ren).

Photo Notice. The Church occasionally takes photos or videos of its activities, programs, and events. By registering for this activity, I consent to the use of each registrant’s likeness in photographs, videos, or voice recording by the Church for promotional and educational purposes, whether nonprofit or commercial. I waive any right to inspect or approve the use of any registrant’s likeness and any compensation for such usage. To opt out of this photo consent, I understand I can contact my location KiDSCOR director.  When photos or videos are used, participants will not be identified by name. 






Click the Submit Registration button below, then you will be directed to a page to make your payment. Camp is $25 per child.  If you do not complete the payment portion of the registration it will be cancelled.  After making the payment expect to receive your confirmation email message in about 10-15 minutes.  If you do not receive a confirmation email check with us to make sure the registration was completed.


  {Checking this option will save your information for future registrations}