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2022 Exhibitor Application


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The company description will be used in all MAEDS Fall Conference materials and advertising.  Please provide a complete description and be careful with grammar and spelling as MAEDS is not responsible for editing mistakes.




Booth Space Selection


With the move to Grand Traverse Resorts, we've changed the way that we do Exhibitor applications and setup.  Please make sure you read the information found here so that you understand what you're signing up for.


 No booth (comes with 2 Exhibitor passes)  - $750.00
 Single booth (comes with 2 Exhibitor passes)  - $1,250.00
 Double booth (comes with 6 Exhibitor passes  - $3,500.00


In the event that the booth size you selected is not available, please select your second preference.  Note: you will be contacted to confirm this selection in the event this is necessary.


 No booth 
 Single booth 
 Double booth 


Each booth in the Exhibit Hall comes with one table.  Please select which option you prefer.  Booth setup options need to be ordered from the event furnishing company prior to the conference.  This selection will be confirmed closer to the conference.


 2’ x 6’ table with skirt 
 30” round by 42” high “cocktail” table with skirt 
 No table needed 


Booth neighbor requests are accepted during the application process. Requests made after the application is submitted will not be accepted. MAEDS will make every effort to fulfill neighbor requests, however, depending on space and booth layout, neighbor requests are not guaranteed.


Enter no more than 2 organizations that you would like to be neighbors with.



Additional Information


The following information is requested by the board to assist in the exhibitor selection process.  Information entered here will not be included in any conference materials.  


Please list any sessions your company would be able to present at the conference (provide a short description where necessary). 


Note - successful applicants must still complete a Call for Presenters form upon acceptance of Exhibitor Application. 


I have read and agree abide by the Exhibitor Guidelines listed at .

 I Agree 

Submitting this form does not constitute acceptance to the Fall MAEDS Conference. Your credit card will not be charged and/or an invoice will not be generated until after your application is accepted.


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