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Community Education Course Proposal


Thank you for your interest in teaching for Community Education. Please read through the information below before completing the form. The information should give you a good idea of how to format your upcoming class. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions during or after the process. Once we receive your course proposal, we’ll contact you for the next steps.



The UT Community Education program has been operating for more than two decades. While the scope of our offerings has changed over the years, the overall mission is the same: Provide affordable, helpful, and enjoyable learning opportunities for the Washington County area. CE classes are non-credit, meaning they do not count toward a college degree. There are no grades, and though instructors may want to assign homework, it is not necessary.


Class Format

CE classes are flexible and typically run anywhere from one night only up to 8 weeks in length. Most classes meet only once per week. We encourage instructors to format classes to between four and eight weeks long; this seems to be a “sweet spot” as folks have a hard time committing to anything longer. It is also possible to schedule multiple sections of a course if it is expected to be popular.

The majority of classes are held on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings; however, we do have many successful classes held on Mondays and Fridays. We try to avoid scheduling classes on weekends as campus access becomes an issue.  We try to schedule classes at 5pm or after to avoid requiring our customers to purchase parking permits. Most classes finish up by 8:30 – 9pm.


Course Description

Please be as detailed as possible in your course description. The description needs to grab the reader’s attention and pull them in within the first sentence in order to be effective. Don’t worry if you don’t have a way with words, we can help; but do provide as much detail about the class, what will be covered, and the benefits that can be expected.


Time Frame

Class dates typically fall within the University semester terms. Final dates will be mutually agreed upon by the instructor and Community Education.


Conflict of Interest

Courses will not be accepted to promote businesses owned and/or operated by the instructor nor that serve as an avenue to set up a business under the auspices of Community Education.  An instructor may not use student contact information provided by enrollment in a Community Education course as a database for professional contacts.  Courses may deal with subjects that fall into an instructor’s expertise by profession but must be taught from a generic approach with no promotion of outside associations with our customers outside of the Community Education offering. Instructors who own or are affiliated with a business that relates to the course material may not share sales pitches, offer discounts, distribute business cards, encourage sales or refer people to the business while on University premises.



Some Community Education classes are open to minors. Instructors must indicate prior to course approval whether minors will be permitted in the class. All minors must have permission slips from a parent or guardian to participate in CE classes.


Paid vs Volunteer

CE Instructors can be paid or volunteer. Paid instructors earn 50% of each registration. If a class is $50, and there are 10 students enrolled, the instructor will be paid $250 for their time.



On our growing campus classrooms are becoming a hot commodity. We will strive to meet instructor’s requests, but may not always be able to provide a certain type of classroom. All general classrooms have a teacher station computer connected to a projector. They also have the ability to connect a laptop to the projector.

Specialty classrooms require advanced planning and permission from college departments. We will strive to schedule specialty classrooms as needed, but availability is not guaranteed.


Material Fees/Handouts and Copies

Instructors may charge material fees for classes, but all materials and fees must first be approved by CE. Any fees shall only cover the supplies absolutely necessary for the course.

Instructors may request copies for class handouts. No materials fee is necessary for amounts up to 30 copies/student. Classes requiring more than 30 copies/student will need a material fee applied.


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