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Community Education & Technology Center
Commercial Workshops
Commercial Building Enclosures - NOW ONLINE
Monday, April 24, 2023
9:00 AM-11:00 AM
SMUD Customer Service Center
6301 S St.
Sacramento, California 95817
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This program will focus on the performance characteristics of new building enclosure approaches and technologies to create enclosures that manage thermal and moisture loads to ensure building durability as well as energy efficiency.  This program will demonstrate methods to enhance and integrate the four control layers required in commercial buildings: 1. Water control layer, weather resistive barriers, rain screens; 2. Air control layer, effective air barrier systems, including installation and air barrier requirements; 3. Thermal control layer, fenestration options and insulation systems, as well as installation protocols; 4. Vapor control layer, intentional and unintended vapor retarders.

Emphasis will be placed on matching the best insulation/air and water barrier system to the type of structure.  Real world examples will help you identify how various insulation works, sort fact from fiction regarding building durable understand the relationships between air barriers, moisture vapor transmission, condensation, material permeability, and insulation selection, select the best insulation system for a given application, and write better specifications regarding insulation, installation and air barriers.



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